Batting Records

Most runs in club historyNick Berry656
Most runs in a matchNick Berry118*01.05.22GREAT HASELEY CC
Most runs in a seasonWill Freeland2252019
Most runs in an innings on the losing sideHenry Dowson7612.06.22BUTTERLORDS CC
Most runs in a match by a wicketkeeperNick Berry5308.05.22FULL TOSSERS CC
Highest innings partnershipNick Berry & Rich Collinson212* (1st wkt)01.05.22GREAT HASELEY CC
Most runs in club history without a hundredShahed Ahmed563
Highest club history batting average (min 3 innings)Rich Collinson65.2
Highest strike rate in a matchDominic Baldwin30008.06.21RAILWAY TAVERNERS CC
Most runs in debut matchMarcus Southon100*08.10.22COIMBRA KNIGHTS
Most hundreds in club historyChris Brett, Will Freeland, Nick Berry, Marcus Southon1
Most hundreds in a seasonChris Brett, Will Freeland, Nick Berry, Marcus Southon12019 & 2022
First hundred in club historyChris Brett104*07.07.19SOHO CRICKET COLLECTIVE
Fastest hundred in a matchChris Brett104* (60 balls)07.07.19SOHO CRICKET COLLECTIVE
Most fifties in club historySimon Howells, Rich Collinson, Shahed Ahmed4
Most fifties in seasonSimon Howells & Shahed Ahmed22018, 2019, 2022 & 2023
First fifty in clubs historyLewis Brown79*04.06.17SLOBS
Fastest fifty in a matchHenry Dowson31 balls12.06.22BUTTERLORDS CC
Fastest to 1000 runs in club history
Most ducks in club historyNipun Don4
Most sixes in club historyWill Freeland 14
Most fours in club historyNick Berry84
Most sixes in a matchWill Freeland512.10.19 & 07.08.21AMIGOS CC & U CARE XI
Most fours in a matchChris Brett1707.07.19SOHO CRICKET COLLECTIVE
Number eleven top score in a matchMatt Fleming9*13.08.23WARBOROUGH & SHILLINGFORD CC