Team Records

Largest margin of victory (wkts)TKCC9 wkts07.07.19, 07.10.2022 & 09.07.2023SOHO CRICKET COLLECTIVE, COIMBRA KNIGHTS & BLEDLOW VILLAGE
Smallest margin of victory (wkts)TKCC2 wkts25.04.21BUTTERLORDS
Largest margin of victory (runs)TKCC166 runs08.10.22COIMBRA KNIGHTS
Smallest margin of victory (runs)TKCC 10 runs13.05.18 & 09.10.22FULL TOSSERS & COIMBRA KNIGHTS
Highest Innings TotalTKCC276/408.10.22COIMBRA KNIGHTS
Lowest Innings TotalTKCC71/5 (Win target)20.08.20CRICKETERS RICHMOND
Highest Team Innings run rate in club historyTKCC8.81 (The Hundred)11.08.17U CARE XI
Lowest Team Innings run rate in club historyTKCC2.9 (31 overs) 10.09.17BLOOMSBURY ROYALS
Most consecutive winsTKCC62019-2021
Most consecutive matches without defeatTKCC92021-2022
Most consecutive drawsTKCC12021
Most consecutive defeatsTKCC52018-2019